Duette Elementary School
Florida’s Only One-Teacher School
Duette Education
Foundation, Inc.
Our Vision
Duette Elementary will remain an operating school for those students and families that choose to have the unique experience. That one day a new school will be built on this beautiful campus and the current building will become a museum to preserve the rich history of this community. “That learning will never cease at Duette School.”


Our Goals:
Increase Enrollment
Before and After School Care to include Tutoring
Pre-Kinder Class
Why Duette?
Do you know that children aged 5 through 12 have a priceless educational opportunity at the Duette Elementary School? Do you know, for example, that:

Your child, regardless of where he/she lives, is eligible to attend the Duette School and may transfer to the school at any time?
That the school stresses traditional values of hard work, good manners, love of country, respect for authority, and caring for others?
That former students of the school are achieving success in higher education and their careers?
That the multi-age classroom offers positive role models for younger students and leadership
opportunities for the older students?
That the expansive 20-acre campus includes a vegetable garden and a variety of native plants and animals that together provide an ideal outdoor science classroom?
That the Duette School was built in 1930 on its current site in Duette and is operated by the Duette Education Foundation, Inc. under a contract with the Manatee County School Board?
Come Join Us!
Your child can have the benefit of a private education at no cost to you. CLICK HERE to contact us, You can get the answers to these and other questions you might have by calling Teaching Principal Donna King at 941-721-6674 to arrange a visit to the school.

Help Duette Meet Its Goals!
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